This is a lightweight, hydrating gel formula with all our favorite ingredients for the skin around the eyes.

● MSM - Naturally occurs in your own hair, skin and nails. A MUST for anti-aging skincare.
● Stem cells - Think collagen, firmness and smooth texture.
● Panthenol - Hydrating, brightening and balancing for the skin tone.
● Vitamin C - Your skin's best friend. Kiss photo-aging goodbye.
● Retinol - Anti aging powerhouse. We use a plant-based, non-irritating version.
● Hyaluronic acid - Holds 1000x its own weight in water. Makes the skin look and feel plump, dewy and firm.
● Peptides - The sidekick to stem cells and talked about in Dr. Perricone's "The Wrinkle Cure".
● Amino acids - The building block to all proteins, including collagen.
● Crithmum maritum - Rejuvenating, strengthening and beauty-bestowing.
● Full Spectrum Hemp Oil - The ultimate anti-inflammatory. It also has potent antioxidant effects on the skin which neutralize free radicals that cause oxidative stress and contributes to the aging process,

Soaks in nice and quick and a little goes a very long way. Think of it like a creamy-gel-serum to sooth, smooth and gently firm. Wonderful for those who struggle with signs of aging around their eyes, or who want to prevent those signs from occurring.

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Queen Vegan Eye Hydration 750mg CBD - 15ml (1/2 oz)